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Thrive Acupressure Studio

Class Schedule- All Classes Online this Fall!

Online Interactive & In person Training

What is Touch for Health?

Touch for health is the most widely used system of  kinesiology in the world. It is a 4 part series called the "Touch for Health Synthesis Program."  It is used by millions of people around the world to reduce stress and balance the body. This modality uses simple muscle testing biofeedback techniques to identify sources of stress in the body. You will learn how to accurately muscle test yourself and others.

In this hands-on program you will to develop personal awareness, improve performance in work, school, and relationships, release pain, release mental and emotional stress, identify food sensitivities, and work towards short-term and long-term goals.

These techniques are easy, simple, safe, non-invasive, and can be learned by anyone. Imagine being able to accurately muscle test your self and others! Touch for Health is fundamental training if you are looking to train in any kinesiology modalities, as well as an independent modality that can be used to improve personal health, and help family and friends.

Level 1 - $399.

Touch for Health level 1 is a 2-3 day class where you will study 14 muscles and become familiar with their associated acupuncture meridians. After learning how to accurately test yourself and others on each of these muscles, you will practice corrective techniques such as neuro-lymphatic reflexes, neuro-vascular reflexes, meridians, and muscle origin and insertions to resolve any imbalances. Also included in this class are techniques for pain relief, balancing with food, and Emotional Stress Release. At the end of this class, you will be able to perform a general treatment protocol called a “Touch for Health Balance”.

Level 2 - $450.

In this 2-3 day class, you will learn 14 new muscle tests on yourself and others. You will study acupuncture theory, including the law of the five elements; and will begin to understand more about how energy circulates through acupuncture meridians in the body. You will learn shortcuts to make your Touch for Health balancing faster and more permanent, while learning to recognize and correct potential problems that could interfere with the process. You will also work with acupuncture holding

points, learn new applications of Emotional Stress Release, and more advanced techniques for pain relief.

Level 3 - $450.

In this 2-3 day class you will learn the final 14 set of muscles in the 42 muscle series,  and how to test yourself and others from the TFH textbook, and deepen your knowledge about the role of the meridians and physical imbalance. You will use the 5-element theory model to work with color, goals, and emotions to make your balancing faster, more powerful, and longer lasting. Another focus of the class with be learning to find and correct muscles which are often responsible for long-term, chronic pain.

Level 4 - $450.

In this 2-3 day class, you will review TFH 1-3 techniques, and practice a complete 42-muscle balance on yourself and others. You will learn to use the Time-of-Day Balance, Postural Stress Release, Figure Eight Energy, balancing with sound, and several more techniques for pain. You will solidify your skills and knowledge to help yourself and others achieve deeper healing. You will have completed the accredited Touch for Health Synthesis Program and will receive Certificates from the International Kinesiology Collage in Austrailia.

Special Discounts

1. Sign up and pay for the entire Touch for Health Certification Program at once and get level 4 for FREE! Regular Price for the entire Certified TFH Synthesis program is $1749.  You save $450.00 if you pay all at once!

2. Sign up with a friend and 1 of you gets half off!

3. Sponsor a class online with 5 other students and get your class for FREE!

4. One on one personalized classes or group classes available!

5. Ask about our "Fast Track" training!

(Only one discount at a time applies)

Online Community Work shops

"Kinesiology for Kids"

This is a 1-3 hour workshop that teaches kids how stress affects us; muscle testing; foot massage for easy walking; Lazy eights: unroll your ears to unwind; tune ups for energy; how to eat nutritious foods that are right for you; how to express yourself and talk to your parents; television; homework, subliminal conversation; music; and junk food.


Additional workshops offered are:

Eat Right Live Right, Healthy Pets, and Perceptive Vision