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Thrive Acupressure Studio

Municipal Licensing & Insurance Coverage

The S.T.A.B.C. - Shiatsu Therapy Association of British Columbia is the official governing body appointed by the City of Vancouver and the City of North Vancouver for Registered Shiatsu Therapists applying for city licensing.

The S.T.A.B.C.  Holds Occupational Title for the Registered Shiatsu Therapist in British Columbia.

The S.T.A.B.C.  is the registering body for Registered Shiatsu Therapist R.S.T. Practitioners. R.S.T. Practitioners are currently covered under Third Party Health Care Billing in select plans such as: Green Shield, Sun Life, Manulife, and Equitable Life. As companies are changing their coverage to keep up with modern health demands, you should contact your company provider for a complete list of included treatments.

To check on your coverage for services given by an R.S.T., contact your provider and check your individual or group plan for inclusions.

To claim for your coverage, request a receipt from your R.S.T. Shiatsu Provider and submit it with your regular claims.

Your receipt must contain the following: Shiatsu Therapist Name, R.S.T. number, Business Address and Contact Information, Your Name, Shiatsu Therapy, The Date of the treatment, The Length of the treatment, The Cost of the treatment, and The Payment Amount.